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Upcoming LSACJ2021 8th LIVE

LSACJ2021 9th LIVE will be held soon on 12th March Detail (in Chinese)!

Upcoming LSACJ2021 8th LIVE

LSACJ2021 8th LIVE will be held soon on 12th February Detail (in Chinese)!

Upcoming LSACJ2021 7th LIVE

LSACJ2021 7th LIVE will be held soon on 15th January Detail (in Chinese)!

Upcoming LSACJ2021 4th LIVE

LSACJ2021 4th LIVE will be held soon on 16th October Detail (in Chinese)!

Upcoming LSACJ2021 3rd LIVE

LSACJ2021 3rd LIVE will be held soon on 25th September Detail (in Chinese)!

International Young Scholars Forum

International Young Scholars Forum Detail (in Chinese)!

About LSACJ2020

Postponement of LSACJ 2020 Detail (in Japanese)!

2019 nCov

Call for donations from LSACJ to fight new coronavirus Detail (in Chinese)!


“20th LSACJ 2019 ー International Conference on Interdisciplinary Life Sciences 2019 (ISL 2019) ー” was held. Photos

Recruitments from Zhejiang Univ.

Convention Center @ Osaka Univ. on April 21, 2019 (Sun.). Content (only Chinese)

LSACJ Activity

Barbecue at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park on Nov 3, 2018 (Sta.). Content (only Chinese)


LSACJ2018 was held on Oct 21, 2018(sunday). More Info(Chinese)!


A medical consulting from Chinese Kanpo doctors will be held on 2 June, 2018.

Lecture Information

A lecture named “My study road as a foreign researcher” will be held on 31 May, 2018.


More than 100 researchers and students attended LSACJ2017 in Osaka on 19th Nov.

Shaoxing Talent Summit.

Representatives participated "China・Shaoxing Talent Summit".