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About the ILS 2019

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Life Sciences 2019 (ISL 2019) is the new form of LSACJ annual conference. ILS covers a brand range of interdisciplinary topics on life sciences. We aim for ILS to become an interactive and international platform and appeal scholars, researchers, and students to introduce and discuss their research on life sciences.

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Molecular biology

Computational chemistry on drug discovery

Artifitial intelligentce on medical sciences

Medical stastatics and data sciences

Evidence-based medicine

VR advances in biology, chemistry, and education

Clinical medication, and nursing

Other interdisciplinary topics that are relevant and significant to life sciences

Plenary Lectures

Listed in alphabetical order

Mineko KENGAKU, Ph.D.

Kyoto University
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)
Professor / PI / Deputy Director / iCeMS Analysis Center Director

Research Interests

The brain is an elaborate network of 10 billion neurons that control all our conscious and unconscious behaviors. We seek to understand the mechanism how the brain is constructed by dynamic movement of developing neurons. We also aim to reconstruct cell architectures of the brain in glass dishes for future application to the therapy of damaged brains.

Yasushi OKUNO, Ph.D.

Kyoto University
Yokohama: MIH
Tokyo: MIH

Research Interests

Medical science, Drug discovery, Data science, Simulation science, Artificial intelligence

Invited Speakers

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