LSACJ (the Chinese Society of Life Sciences in Japan) is one of most distinguished Chinese organizations on life science in Japan with 25 years of tradition since its foundation in 1995. The society advances the field of basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, and related fields. We have around 300 members including Chinese, Japanese and other country’s researchers and students, and several branches in Japan, China, and United States. Members of the association contribute their efforts in Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Institute of Science and Chemistry, and other universities and research institutions.

A key activity of the society is to hold high-level research conference, forums, and seminars every year. We invite famous researchers to give cutting-edge presentations, and meanwhile ask young students to exchange their freshest academic ideas. Generally speaking, our society is a multidisciplinary academic platform for life sciences.

Besides academic works, we place great value on supporting young foreign students. Most of our members were/are foreign students. Eager to knowledge encouraged us to come to study and work in Japan, however the life in foreign country are not always easy owing to the barrier of the language and culture. We give necessary supports and helps on research, medical problems, employment to foreign students.

As the President of the Society, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the support of our members, and sponsors. So far, we have sponsors from many organizations, groups, and companies, we deeply appreciate for your financial supports. With your helps, we can do more works for both academic communications and student supporting.

Life is difficult to be understood. Studies will never meet an end, but we are facing the truth.