LSACJ 2017





English Ver.



Invited Speech(10:20-11:40)

The History of Next-Generation Sequencing Technology
Immune and cancer

Coffee Break ①(11:40-11:50)

Keynote Speech ①(11:50-12:20)

Science Secrets of Caffeine

Luncheon seminar(12:20-13:20)

The Introduction of BGI, a Global Genomics Organization
Japan Anti-Aging Center

Keynote Speech ②(13:20-13:50)

Synaptic Epitranscriptomics and Dynamic RNA Imaging in Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Oral Presentations ①(13:50-14:30)

Development of the Novel miRNA Engineered Oncolytic Virotherapy for Clinical Trial
Specific Delivery of the NF-κB Corepressor sMPAID to Inflammatory Region by using Early Infection Machinery of Hepatitis B Virus

Coffee Break ②(14:30-14:40)

Oral Presentations ②(14:40-15:40)

Development of Macrophage-targeting and Phagocytosis-inducible Bio-nanocapsule-based DDS Nanocarrier
Origin and Destination of ZJ-M-5 Derived Caryophyllene Sesquiterpenes and Macrocyclic Polyester with Potential Antitumor Activity
Ginsenoside Rg3: Spectral Analysis and the Sensitive Detection with Silver Nanoparticles Decorated Graphene

Coffee Break ③(15:40-15:50)

Oral Presentations ③(15:50-16:50)

Next Generation Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics (MEPHAS) Web Application on Shiny
A Qualitative Research on Psychology Experience of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Bibliometric Study of Quality Control Circle Used in Operation Room Nursing Quality Management

Awards & photograph(17:00-17:30)



Year   Place   Period
2018   Osaka Univ.   21 Oct 2018 (Sun)
2017   Osaka Univ.   19 Nov 2017 (Sun)
2016   Osaka Univ.   20 Oct 2016 (Sun)
2014   Mukogawa Women's Univ.   26 Oct 2014 (Sun)
2013   Osaka Medical College   13 Nov 2013 (Sun)
2012   RIKEN(Kobe)   21 Oct 2012 (Sun)
2011   Kyoto Univ.   23 Oct 2011 (Sun)
2010   Osaka Univ.   19 Sep 2010 (Sun)